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History of Church

This is the most recent video of a series Pastor Mark Cooper is giving on church history.

You can view the full History of the Church on Youtube.

Meet the Choir
Singing with Smiles

Our Choir

Our choir, fondly known as the Sometimes Serendipity Singers, does not sing for worship every Sunday.  But all voices are welcome to join us for special holidays like Advent or Pentecost.  Choir Director, Kay McIntosh, conducts, and pianist, Susan Larcey, accompanies this group who enjoy “raising a joyful voice to the Lord”.  All singers are welcome to participate, whether or not they are a member of Firelands Church.

Choir Singing
Joyful Sounds

Folk Musicians

We are very proud of our band of folk musicians, most of whom are members of Firelands Church.  They entertain for Sunday evening Vespers, the Free Community Meals at Bistro 163, and outside the church at special events in the community.  Anyone who plays an instrument is more than welcome to join us, whether or not a member of Firelands Church.

Folk Musicians
Meet The Band
We Love to Meet and Enjoy Ourselves
Woman's Retreat
Women's Retreat

Women's Retreat

Every other year in the summer, Firelands Church hosts a Women’s Retreat for members and friends of the church.  The day is planned for fellowship, meditation, spiritual growth, prayer and song.  In 2018, it was held at the church.  In previous years, it has been held in private homes, or at Our Lady of the Pines in Fremont.

Woman's Retreat
All Women Are Welcome

Sunday Service Guest Musicians

Our Sunday worship services are graced by the gifts of guest musicians.  Flutists Janet Gray Moore and Anne O’Malley, the Elders of Jazz, cellist Brian Shifflet, and harpist Ann Butcher, all have added their musical gifts to services being held in Firelands Church.

Elders of Jazz
Elders of Jazz

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