We invite you to join us!

At Firelands Church, we celebrate together what we believe with prayer, song, and hearing the word of God.  We celebrate in weekly Holy Communion, and in nurturing faith in one another.  Won’t you join us for Worship?

We celebrate with one another, always with one another. We are known as a welcoming, caring community, inspired by God, extending the hand of Christian Fellowship to all.  Church is far more than just Sunday worship.

Church is not just a place – it is God’s people, working in the world.  Our Mission is to be a church family that engages every person to enrich our community.  The unique gifts that God has given to each person help us to pursue our many outreach programs.

Pastor Bobbie Bella is conducting worship every Sunday morning Please join us via Facebook live or in person.

Sunday Services:

Memorial Day Weekend - Labor Day Weekend

Worship @ 9:30am

September - May

Worship @ 10:30am
Adult Sunday School @ 9:30am

A room with toys, a comfortable chair and an adjustable speaker for listening to the service is available
for a responsible adult if a child would prefer not to participate in the service.
Holy Communion is the celebration of the family meal of the family of God.
Since we are all children of God, everyone is invited to the table at Firelands Presbyterian Church.
You do not need to be a member of ours or any other church. Simply come.