About Us

About Us

We celebrate a God who came into our world in Christ and turned it upside down. He told us, and showed us, that God's Kingdom is a kingdom of forgiveness, hope, healing, freedom, and love.

Because of His love, we know that things and people can change, that what we do matters, and that God will win out over darkness, hurt, loneliness, and separation.

We celebrate what we believe with a song, a touch, a prayer, a listening heart. We celebrate with one another, always with one another. We celebrate in weekly Holy Communion, in the nurturing of faith in our children and one another, and in outreach to our community and world.

Celebrating, Nurturing, Healing, Helping. It's what we do at Firelands. When we live that way, we are reborn in God again and again. Get involved with us and you'll be right in the middle of all that.

Firelands Presbyterian Church. It's a good place to be.

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